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Crushing Classical podcast is an ongoing series of provocative interviews with musicians who are pioneering a new path in the classical music genre. I dig into musician's lives who have made an often risky move towards forging a unique path and creating a different kind of music career for themselves. This is particularly challenging in a field where the conventional approach is seeking employment in an orchestra. Join me and learn how others are redefining a thriving classical music career.
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Crushing Classical: Redefining A Thriving Music Career

Dec 25, 2016

Join me on this special Christmas episode where I interview Chloe Trevor. Find out what she's been up to recently and what got her started on Instagram, where she has over 90 THOUSAND followers!

Dec 15, 2016

On this podcast hear about a new company called Groupmuse, which connects musicians to hosts for in-home chamber music concerts.

Find them at

Dec 5, 2016

If you haven't seen videos from these two comedians yet, you simply must watch one immediately.  These two violinists from Australia create hysterical videos making fun of life as a musician.  In this interview I get to find out how they got started, what practice has helped them in their career, and their favorite feedback from fans, along with lots of laughs!

Check them out:

Also find them on YouTube:

and Instagram:


Nov 28, 2016

In this interview I talked to Bernhard Scully, horn player of Canadian Brass.  We dove into his unique career as the horn player of the renowned group, as well as his orchestral experiences and most recently, his new position as professor of horn at University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.  As the conversation unfolded, it was fascinating to see how Bernhard's intentional choices in his career and education led him down the path to his unique and unconventional career.

Nov 23, 2016

In this episode I interview Suzy Perelman, violinist in New York City, who left her position in an orchestra for the instability and risk of freelance life in the big city.  She knew that her lifelong obsession to live in New York just had to be realized, and she took her chance and moved there.  We talk about what that career move was like in this fun interview.

Nov 17, 2016

Jason Heath hosts a well-known bass podcast, Contrabass Conversations, where he talks with bass players and other musicians about anything from topics to do with the bass to what it takes to build a creative career in this industry.  Today we talk about how he created his podcast and what it's like to have this be a big part of his music career.  Check out his podcast Contrabass Conversations and his blog

Nov 7, 2016

In this interview we talk to Avi Friedlander, cellist, Suzuki teacher and school owner. Avi tells us all about the process of realizing that he really loved to play rock on the cello, learn to improvise, and had a passion for teaching and figuring out the best methods to teach.  Avi is a business owner, band member, and freelancer on the cello.  Join us as we talk about his process and journey from audition track to music business owner.

Oct 24, 2016

On this podcast I interview Chris Grymes, founder of Open-G records.  Chris left freelancing and a job as a professor at a university for life in New York City as a record producer and innovative project creator.  Today we get to hear about this drastic career move and what it was like for Chris.


Oct 10, 2016

In this episode, I interview Jacomo Bairos, a dynamic young conductor who is taking the world by storm with his new music ensemble Nu Deco.  Jacomo is also the music director of the Amarillo Symphony and a guest conductor in orchestras this season such as National Symphony, Detroit Symphony, Grand Rapids Symphony, and more! I just had to interview Jacomo and find out HOW he went from the back of the orchestra on the tuba to the podium.  We get to the bottom of it in this inspiring interview!